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Свет хоће домаће – Милутин Пантић, Хофф, аронија (некад и сад)
Milutin Pantić, Hoff, Aronia about how Hoff aronia is a special product, what it was like to start with aronia five years ago, how it is now, what was his business fear, what was a business challenge. The company’s slogan is “Taste the taste, enjoy the health.” Aronia!
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Sloba Stefanović made various dishes with aronia with Sandra Đuretić, author of “Grandma’s Bowl”(„Bakina vanglica“). Slobodan Stefanović, our popular actor moved to the kitchen and took the role of Mr. Kitchen, a cook who welcomes great guests and prepares together with them fast, simple, tasty and healthy recipes for dishes that arouse all our senses....
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