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About us

Health to enjoy.

Our major activity is production and processing of aronia. We have a 5 ha plantation of aronia near Belgrade, which is one of the three largest plantations in Serbia. Our production is based on good production practices.

Our wish is to bring this super fruit, aronia, and all its beneficial potentials to the general population. Our business is based on production of 100% pure and natural juice. In order to expand usage of aronia, we created products with extremely low sugar percentage which is basically used only to eliminate the sourness of the fruit. These products are cooked in their own juice and owing to original recipes we managed to maintain a large percentage of the whole fruit.

Since we own a plantation of aronia and fully equipped production lines (all necessary machines and cooling facilities), we are totally independent from other suppliers. Our current capacities are quite sufficient to meet requirements of the Serbian market. Apart from Slovenia and Montenegro to which we have already exported, we plan to expand sale to other European markets very soon. Further to expansion of our capacities, our wish is also to bring together all Serbian producers of aronia.